Introduction to 9jaweb

9JaWeb is a Single Window Online Portal for Nigerians living in Nigeria and also worldwide. 9ja Web is most often a specially designed website that offers secure & user-friendly Web Services to access all essential products & services at a single place. The service portal is built with the latest web technology and ensured an efficient, effective & transparent delivery of Online Services to and from the Nigerian community.

Our mission is to provide Unique Quality Services including Web and Domain registration, Travel, Online shopping, Dating services and more. This brings a great opportunity to network for people who are looking for the professional & personal resources.

9jaweb is an open window which lets the world reach all the magnificence and advantages offered by Nigeria. It is the perfect portal to visit if you wish to avoid the stress of planning your vacations, business trip, relocation, hence, if you are a wise national or if you simply want to learn more about this surprising nation. We do not just offer services, we help you understand why you should fall in love with the beautiful Nigeria. You can start your registration today to be part of our strong community and if you want to build a fantastic future in Nigeria.

Breathtaking, magical and mesmerizing, these are the three words which can be associated to this proud African country officially called The Federal Republic of Nigeria. This authentic haven is blessed with a fabulous green landscape which can either be bushy mangrove forests or swamps bordering the southern coast, and sometimes big green hardwood forests further inland. We can talk about the 900 species of birds soaring high up in Nigeria's sky everyday, the variety of languages the Nigerians speak, the place of interests in the country, their food, the culture, the investment opportunities, their famous sportsmen, singers, authors and super models among other interesting things revolving around this developing country. 9jaweb can help you plan your trip to Nigeria. You will simply be amazed there.

With a growing population of nearly 160 million people, Nigeria has the largest number of inhabitants in the African continent. Plus, it is expected to surpass the USA� population by 2050 and will therefore become the 3rd largest country in the world. This forecast has been made by the United Nations and is based on the fact that the population increased by 33% in the last decade only. Isn't that an interesting country that is worth visiting ? You are invited to join 9jaweb forum to learn more.

Having a strong economic growth, Nigeria also contributes to approximately� 20% of the African continent�s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Even though there was a sluggish economic growth in 2015, that problem has been effectively rectified in 2016 with a change in the economic strategy which consisted of adopting an expansionary budget. Monetary transactions to and from Nigeria is statistically proven to be in the tens of millions annually costing senders and recipients additional millions, 9ja moneyline provides a cost effective cheap, anonymous, secure, do it yourself platform for money transactions.

The development is excellent in major profitable sectors, for example, the Nigerians thrive in telecoms, banking, oil and gas and this is turning the country into a reliable access point to sub-Saharan Africa. Thus, all the investors interested in the aforementioned fields or other fields listed on the Government website would be warmly welcomed in Nigeria. If you're looking for a good insurance before leaving your country, 9jaweb has some interesting plans for you and above all, we can facilitate money transfers for you.

When it comes to shopping, there are various shopping malls where you can get anything you wish. Even though, the Middle class Nigerians traditionally shop abroad, mainly in London and Dubai, for the international brands they cannot get locally, there are still very nice things that you can get in the country, for example, 9ja market is Nigeria�s own first internet market place where local food stuff, bargain for goods online, buy and sell under very secure transactions both locally and international in line with the European open market policy on Nigerian agricultural products. 9jaweb stores is Nigeria�s own first internet store that enables ordinary Nigerians to shop both within Nigeria and internationally using local and foreign currencies, with credit cards or simple bank transfers. Concerning sightseeing, this is also made easy for the foreigners as the Nigerians do not want the tourist to miss the spectacular, authentic and historic places there. 9jaweb also strives to show you how Nigeria has been exposed internationally and how it flourishes locally. 9ja community provides platform to meet local Nigerians online, make friends and learn more about the rich Nigerian culture, but if you feel like searching the right partner in Nigeria then 9ja dates provides an excellent dating platform for people looking to date, or hangout with like minds.The young generation in Nigeria rarely walk with a blindfold on their eyes, they are highly focused on their future. That might be good news for you to learn that half of the Nigerian inhabitants are reaching their 20s and most of them have a good standard of education. So, if you're looking for someone to share your life, and build a solid future, that might be the ideal country to start your search ! The Nigerians are very adaptable and aspirational by nature for they have been exposed to international cultures and lifestyles through the internet. They can discuss about the most trendy subjects, they are used to online shopping, for example, Amazon is a website where they enjoy buying stuffs. New technology is a passion for them, smartphones, computers, hi-tech gadgets as well as Information Technology such as web hosting and social media marketing is of great interest to young Nigerians.